What a great time at the Ralph Gracie House Tournament!

Dozens of students from Ralph Gracie attended our House Tournament on Saturday, September 27, at the Ralph Gracie Orange County Academy. What a great time we had!

Ralph Gracie Future Champions did an outstanding  job

To see the high skill level, hard work and discipline presented by our kids made everyone at RG very proud.  They really gave it their all and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire tournament.


Congratulations to the Ralph Gracie Professors and volunteers for the outstanding job they are doing with the Ralph Gracie Kids Program. The kids showcased beautiful take downs, guard passes, sweeps, chokes, armbars and so on. There could not have been a better representation of good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the spectators.

Big thanks to Professor Bruno, Professor Brad, volunteers and students who helped us set up the event, without your help we could not do it.

We would like to specially thank Laura for the awesome job she did leading the organization.

Everybody walked out with big smiles on their faces, and most wanting to come back and see it again. A final note to the kids: Well done, keep training hard and Thank You! 

Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Chino Staff

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