Check out these testimonials from our students:


Unlike some of the striking martial arts which often send you off to punch pads, Jiu-Jitsu is safe enough to do lots and lots of sparring. While the submissions are quite effective, the loser can tap out and start over again time after time. A typical hour and a half class here has at least a half hour of sparring and on occasion it is just about the entire class. With that much time on the mat you quickly learn to apply all sorts of joint locks and chokes which are remarkably effective.

Because nothing is better motivation to not hold back than someone trying to remove your arm, this is a really good way to go to get in shape. I have seen several people lose 30lbs or more and go from looking fat to being in remarkable shape. It won’t be easy, but if you are willing to put in the effort it is unquestionably effective. Even at the once or twice a week I make, I am in a whole lot better shape than when my only exercise was walking across the office to get coffee.

For tournament gi Jiu-Jitsu I would recommend this school to anyone from the person with no martial arts experience who is just looking to get in shape all the way up to someone with years of experience who wants to win big tournaments. Most days they have two adult classes a day of gi Jiu-Jitsu so you can get in quite a lot of training.They also have fairly good training for no gi but it isn’t emphasized as much.

During the off-season they have wrestling classes but it is usually just one or two nights a week.

For the past few months they have a judo black belt who teaches some classes, but as of yet that has not been a big focus for the school.

They also have Muay Thai classes but I have not yet attended any of them so I cannot comment on them beyond saying that they exist.

– Jesse R., Corona, CA


I attended 2 schools prior to coming to Ralph Gracie and I must say that this is the best school for both beginners and those looking to reach new levels.

Friendly teachers and friendly students makes for a productive and comfortable place to learn jiu jitsu for all belt levels. No egos! Lots of humble nice people trying to make each other better.

There are ton of students of various sizes and levels to pair up with during training.

I started attending Ralph gracie about 4 months ago right when I started medical school and I must say that this place is my main outlet for stress relief and for keeping in shape.

They have the best schedule I have seen thus far because of 3 in house black belts that teach. As busy as I am their schedule is extremely convenient! Plus they have impromptu open mat sessions set up on their facebook group outside of the planned schedule, which is something I have not seen at other gyms.

Lastly, I think its the atmosphere is the biggest reason the place deserves 5 stars. The instructors exhibit so much passion and sincerity for this craft that it inspires me to not only want to train harder at jiu jitsu, but to work harder in all other aspects in my life. This in combination with the approachability and camaraderie felt at this school is something very unique and priceless.

– Jy L., Pomono, CA


Excellent facilities, amazing instructors, and a selection of classes that is second to none. Their world renowned system of martial arts will improve the character, fitness, and discipline of your children, while giving them an opportunity to train with the best the sport has to offer. Whether your goal is self defense, improved fitness, or to become the next world champion, Ralph Gracie Jiu-jitsu has got you covered.

– Michael M. Daly City, CA


I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary and I am writing this from the perspective of one who is about to turn 42. I was recommended this place by an experienced BJJ brown belt who has been training for roughly 10 years. Knowing that my 3 kids also wanted to practice BJJ, etc., he recommended this place. (BTW, their kid’s class is envied by most BJJ schools. The fact that they have more than 30 kids in a BJJ or Muay Thai class is a testimony to their strong appeal to kids. Most BJJ schools lack a robust kid’s class) I happen to be one of the "older" students, but there are a few others older than me and a fair enough not much younger. I tell you this because no matter how much I wish my body felt younger it just doesn’t have the stamina and endurance as the 20-30 somethings I train with. No matter. My fellow students and especially the instructors have been very accomodating. It’s nice to come to a place where your fellow students and instructors look out for you and want you to improve and do whatever it takes to help you prevent injury. When I first began, I came into grappling with a serious and severe condition of claustrophobia that I have wrestled with since a child (no elevators, back seats of cars, etc.) When I first began, I didn’t think I would be able to continue, but the instructors were very understanding and worked with me by pairing me up with lighter people or starting me in positions where I didn’t feel overly trapped. I think any school that is willing to go to that extent to help an obscure condition such is mine is very committed to the well being and progress of their students and that was roughly 1 year and 15 lbs heavier ago. I have gained a bunch of like minded friends that extend beyond the academy! All of this is special considering I haven’t been very social for 10 years nor physical in anything for 20+ years!

Lastly, I think it is important that you understand that this school is competition/sports Jiu Jitsu focused as opposed to self-defense or MMA focused. If your looking for great sports oriented JJ or JJ for the kids this is the place to be!

– Eric S., Chino Hills, CA


Great school, I came from another school and there are great people here. Gabriel and Greg are great instructors, Laura the owner is also very helpful. All in all this has been a good move for me.

– Dan M., Covina, CA


Ralph Gracie Chino Hills offers a comfortable and fun training environment for the whole family. I have been training with my son here and love the bond that training together has developed. Top notch instructors are always willing to help out everyone and make sure you learn what is being taught. There are no macho gym attitudes here and everybody is treated like family.

– Jason C., Corona, CA


Ralph Gracie Chino Hills. is a great school! My two boys have been training there for two years now. The instructors are Great, Professional, experienced and patient. The school has also introduced a kids Muay Thai class on saturdays. The Muay Thai class is also Great. I reccommend this school to any parent wanting to introduce their kids (boys or girls) to a fullfilling experience in BJJ or Muay Thai. Everyone involved with Ralph Gracie Chino Hills, from the instructors to the parents to the kids and the owner are all friendly and easy to talk to. The school offers several opportunities for training. Check it out.

– Michael E., Chino Hills, CA


Awesome academy. Very professionally managed, instruction is top notch from 3 black belt instructors (Gabe, Greg, and Brad). Training sessions are great, students maintain great attitudes and leave egos at the door, this is a product of the academy’s leadership. I’m happy to have this place in my city, and happy to be training here. Thanks Ralph Gracie Chino Hills

– Carlos B., Chino Hills, CA


This academy is one of the best Brazilian JiuJitsu academies that I’ve ever trained. Gabriel Costa and Greg Rivera are 2 of the best, detail oriented instructors around. The academy is definitely ran like a family! No egos, just good training. Laura at the front desk is also super nice! I would recommend this academy to anyone, old, young, fat, skinny or competitive! Thanks Ralph Gracie for awesome training!

– LaRon D., Irvine, CA


BEST JIU-JITSU ACADEMY & my kids love it!

I have 2 boys who have been going to Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Chino Hills) for about a year now. During this year, my kids have learned discipline, respect, how to defend themselves and much more. Coming from a family of fighters myself, I did my homework on many academies around the area (Inland Empire) before committing to this academy. This has been the BEST decision I have ever made. This academy is like our second home. I am not a local, so I do drive a ways to get there, but well worth it. The prices are very reasonable and they offer classes just about every day of the week.

And the best part of all, this studio has the most amazing professional Black Belt Instructors. Gabriel Costa and Greg Rivera are phenomenal instructors. These guys are the best around and my kids love them. They work very well with all of the kids and teach to their level. They make it fun, exciting and easy for them to LEARN and RETAIN the techniques they have been taught. Laura from the front office is always helpful and very knowledgeable.

My kids compete in tournaments now and are doing awesome. The entire staff is very supportive of their students and they always take time out of their busy schedules to support their students at all the tournaments for coaching. Since this great experience, I have enrolled my daughter and myself. We have had a great hands on experience. The instruction was impressive and we learned so much and now we all practice on each other.
I am so proud to be part of the Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Chino Hills) academy.

Gabriel, Greg, and Laura you rock! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

– Rebecca R., Eastvale, CA


Our son Ruben has been training at Ralph Gracie Chino Hills for 2 and 1/2 years – He is 8 and 1/2 We find the 15 mile drive from Upland four to five times a week well worth the effort. The instructors at the academy show strong level of commitment towards all the students. They instill discipline while keeping the classes fun. Friendships are soon developed and the word "Family" is consistently heard when members try to define the chemistry generated between the ownership, the instructors, the students, and the parents. We would strongly recommended Ralph Gracie Jiu Jitsu Chino Hills to anyone; especially to families with young children.

– Ed Martos and Rose Robertson, Proud Parents of Ruben Martos-Reyes