Ralph Gracie Takes Grappling X By Storm!

On August 21, we had 3 kids and about 5 adults compete in the Grappling X tournament at Fight Lab in Murietta. Our kids were awesome. Jacob Alaan and Ruben Martos-Reyes both took first place, having two matches each and just dominating their opponents, with Jacob scoring 22 points to 0 on each match and Ruben Martos-Reyes winning by arm bar and rear naked choke. Ryan Perez also received second place for his efforts.  The adults all competed and there were a lot of first place medals being handed out to Team Ralph Gracie. Our presence was definitely noticed by all!  We our very proud of our students who competed and very thankful we have such great black belt instructors! Conquering the World One Submission at a Time!!!

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