Kids Win at Operation Grapple

On September 24, while the Adults were competing at the American Nationals, our Kids Competition Team competed at Operation Grapple in Murrietta. Taking home the Gold, as usual, was Jacob Alaan! Also taking home Gold, is one of our newer students, Cameron Barbin. He has been training for less than six months in BJJ with us but also competes as a high-level gymnast. He surprised everyone by submitting his opponent with a triangle choke while in a triangle choke himself! Sounded like it was the submission of the day! Ruben Martos-Reyes took home a Gold medal after submitting both his opponents by rear-naked choke and arm bar respectively. Jalen Alaan received a Silver medal in his division and Jayven Griffith received a Silver medal in the 125-135 lb division while weighing only 115! He also received a Gold medal in a second bracket match-up.  Also taking home Silver medals were Ian Esparza, Ryan Jose and Nicky Alvarado, and bringing home a Bronze medal was Logan Esparza.

We had one adult compete. Aaron Navarrete, our Divison 1 Wresting Coach, who has recently begun training in jiu-jitsu, brought home a Gold Medal!!!

Congratulations to all! These competitions are fun, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

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