In-House Tournament – August 6, 2011

On August 6, 2011 we will be having an in-house tournament. This is for Chino Hills and the Anaheim Hills location.  Kids will be at 10:00 and the Adults will go at 1:00.  Bring your family and friends to cheer you on. The cost is $20 and includes a Ralph Gracie Competition Team T-shirt.  Please let Laura know by Thursday, July 28 so the right amount of shirts can be ordered. If you do not plan on competing come cheer your team mates on.  This is going to be good practice for all the tournaments that are coming up.

In-House Tournament a Huge Success!

On August 6, we had our in-house tournament and it was a huge success. We had 80 competitors from both Chino Hills and Anaheim. The place was packed! The Kids divsions went first at 10:00 and the Teen and Adult Divisions started at 12:30.  Everything went perfectly. . Each competitor got a Ralph Gracie Competition T-shirt.Thankfully we were able to open the back roll up door and put chairs outside under easyups for spectators who did not get seats on the bleachers. It was just like a real tournament, only it ran on time and there were no complaints!  Can’t wait for the next one!!

Ralph Gracie Takes Grappling X By Storm!

On August 21, we had 3 kids and about 5 adults compete in the Grappling X tournament at Fight Lab in Murietta. Our kids were awesome. Jacob Alaan and Ruben Martos-Reyes both took first place, having two matches each and just dominating their opponents, with Jacob scoring 22 points to 0 on each match and Ruben Martos-Reyes winning by arm bar and rear naked choke. Ryan Perez also received second place for his efforts.  The adults all competed and there were a lot of first place medals being handed out to Team Ralph Gracie. Our presence was definitely noticed by all!  We our very proud of our students who competed and very thankful we have such great black belt instructors! Conquering the World One Submission at a Time!!!

In-House Kids Tournament

We’d like to thank all of the parents and kids for participating in our In-House tournament. All of our kids performed very well and we look forward to having more tournaments in the future. The tournament was meant to help the kids get accustomed to competition style training, strategy and rules. We hope to have all of our kids comfortable with competing so they may go out and participate in the many tournaments we have in southern California throughout the year. 


Once again we thank all the kids AND parents that participated. 

Ralph Gracie Team

Ralph Gracie Seminar Success

Our one-year anniversary was a great success with the addition of the seminar presented by Ralph Gracie.  We had many students in attendance that provided a great atmosphere.

We had many guests, a few black belts in attendance and hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

After the two hour seminar with Ralph concluded, students had the opportunity to talk with Ralph and take pictures with the legendary Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.

A special thanks to Professor Brad and Bruno for the great instructional techniques they also provided during the seminar, and all students who represented the school.

The media gallery was updated with some pictures of the event.

We hope everyone enjoyed the seminar and cannot wait until Ralph returns.

What a great time at the Ralph Gracie House Tournament!

Dozens of students from Ralph Gracie attended our House Tournament on Saturday, September 27, at the Ralph Gracie Orange County Academy. What a great time we had!

Ralph Gracie Future Champions did an outstanding  job

To see the high skill level, hard work and discipline presented by our kids made everyone at RG very proud.  They really gave it their all and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire tournament.


Congratulations to the Ralph Gracie Professors and volunteers for the outstanding job they are doing with the Ralph Gracie Kids Program. The kids showcased beautiful take downs, guard passes, sweeps, chokes, armbars and so on. There could not have been a better representation of good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the spectators.

Big thanks to Professor Bruno, Professor Brad, volunteers and students who helped us set up the event, without your help we could not do it.

We would like to specially thank Laura for the awesome job she did leading the organization.

Everybody walked out with big smiles on their faces, and most wanting to come back and see it again. A final note to the kids: Well done, keep training hard and Thank You! 

Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Chino Staff