BJJ Kumite

The BJJ Kumite was held during the month of December 2012. Master Lloyd Irvin had asked for names of the top Brown Belts in the world so he could pick the best 12 to come to Maryland to fight against his top Brown Belt, Keenan Cornelius, who has double gold medaled in every single major IBJJF tournament all over the world in the past year.  These matches were submission only and had no time limit. This was a reality show that he was putting together and was going to be shown on YouTube. It took place over a period of one week, though they were there for ten days training before the tournament actually started. They each had to sign a one million dollar contract stating they would not give out any information on the Kumite until after it aired in it’s entirety.  One of the first Brown Belts to be invited was our very own Sean Roberts who is currently training up north in Berkeley/San Francisco at Ralph Gracie.  So far Sean has done exceptionally well.  Watch each episode below and we will update as soon as more are put up.



In the first episode of the BJJ Kumite, 12 competitors from all over the world fly into Washington  D.C. for a chance to compete against Keenan Cornelius in a drama filled, no time limit, sumission only Jiujitsu tournament.


In the second episode of the BJJ Kumite, Nyjah Easton faces Sofia Amarante in a Black Belt Kumite match and the next round of the Brown Belt Kumite continues.


In the third episode of the BJJ Kumite, Sean Roberts and Keenan Cornelius finally faceoff and the competitors begin to get restless and demand a meeting with Master Lloyd Irvin.


In the Final episode of the BJJ Kumite, the competitors finish the last round of the tournament and compete in the finals for the grand prize.